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The end of an era and other stuff.

This is another one of my long-winded updates, so short attention span/sound bite junkies needn't apply! :-)

Greetings friends! We truly hope that all is well with each and everyone of you in these crazy here is just one more "crazy". We are saying goodbye to Jeff and Sue/Cult Of 2! Yes it's true! Our "Classic Rock/Video Show" and related websites will end soon as well.

As I am sure that most everyone does from time to time, we often take self inventory and evaluate. I think that self evaluation is a good...nay vital exercise for growth and clarity. As difficult as change and growth may be, it feels necessary for attaining a greater sense of purpose, peace, joy and prosperity. With everyone's individual purpose, no one greater than another, I believe that we are all put here on earth to serve others in some way, shape or form. In doing so, I think we learn to better connect, communicate and coexist more peacefully as a society.

Over the past year there have been many ideals, thoughts, words, even catch phrases used in the political arena that give new description and definition as to how "we as a society" must somehow need to adopt in order to coexist and get along in this "brave new world". This, in an attempt to quantify and compartmentalize large groups of people, only serves to separate and create an even more divided society. Such an approach always seems to just fall flat, go nowhere and has very little to do with people as individuals. Quite frankly, for me, it is a very boring way to view and interact with the world. We are all unique yet, we are all alike. Admittedly, politics with all of it's myriad complexities are not my forte so...I respectfully abstain from any conversations regarding. Truthfully, politics, religion, even music are such personal matters for many that I'd rather write and talk about subjects that unite.....not divide. Thankfully, people...not politics are something that we have a little experience with. We are much more interested in people on a personal level and not through a gallop poll or in a sound bite.

There will always be division and hate but, I feel fairly confident that, if we as individuals can humbly stand up and admit that "we-just-might-be-wrong" about an issue and also remember that we are here to serve people, not politics, a society, stand a much better chance at working out differences as opposed to endlessly and pointlessly debating very small issues to death. I am more than happy to admit (regardless of what I think I might know) that I may be wrong about any given issue. It is simply because I-don't-know-everything. Nobody does. Period. Remaining "open" to such ideas has nothing to do with having weak convictions but rather, I believe, strengthens conviction to the point of gaining greater wisdom. Conviction without wisdom is like bread without butter....what's the point?

What I am certain of, is that both SuZen and I, "serving" in our own way as creative types, have had the extreme fortune to have met so many wonderful, amazing people throughout the past 35+ years. As we take this latest trip through self evaluation and inventory in an effort to better understand this "purpose" that we serve, we often find that there are many more unintended components to our own "purpose" that have nothing to do with music, art, entertainment or performing. Over time we had found that these basic components were merely vessels for something much larger, much greater than the sum of any of its parts. Our "purpose" is and has always been about connecting with, and connecting others. For the most part, as SuZen and I stand on a stage at any given moment, at any given time, at any given venue, we feel that we are the audience and that you...our friends, fans and following are the show! It's not about us, it's about you. We learn so much from the people that we connect with. Through this process, our faith in humanity undoubtedly gets fostered and furthered to a more hopeful degree.

As change can be the only constant, we feel that it is time for another. After a staggering loss of close friends, family members including beloved pets and music icons in the past few years, we could not be more sure of a need for change. Losing my father recently has served, yet again, as a reminder that life is indeed way too short to not embrace change and explore other possibilities.

When we began to incorporate a lighter performance schedule a couple of years ago and had committed ourselves to an eventual end to our show, we had the great fortune to partner with the fantastic team at the Tawas Bay Beach Resort. Working with all of these folks....our friends, was a wonderful experience and an absolute blast!! We will forever be indebted to the staff, management and owners of "TBBR" as well as all of the wonderful people/patrons that make up this special town called East Tawas! We will dearly miss them all as we step away and move on.

We wholeheartedly encourage you all to visit the Tawas Bay Beach Resort this year!! With new renovations, great amenities, a beautiful beach, excellent staff and an awesome upcoming entertainment schedule, TBBR will be a great destination for anyone this summer! Simply put, it's a fun place to be! Besides, you just can't go wrong with a cold Rum Runner at a Tiki Bar on a beach!! :-)

We especially want to thank all of our friends that have supported us for so many years. It would be impossible to describe in one paragraph, the wonderful and interesting people that we have well as the many stories and memories that were made with the cast of a thousand characters and personalities! Such a rich melting pot of so many people. Many, many friendships, even marriages were made from people attending our shows throughout the years. It is safe to say that this, in particular, is the most satisfying part of "our purpose". We are extremely grateful to have been a part of the journey of so many!

Venturing into other music projects, records, writing and production will be our main focus as well as occasional light "unplugged" acoustic shows and private events. We are excited about our new directions and we will be sure to keep you updated as they unfold.

So, for now, its arrivederci. We have a handful of shows left at TBBR before we close down our show on Memorial weekend. We will be revisiting material and "bits" from the past 35+ years, stretching out and testing our memory banks for sure. Our schedule can be seen at We certainly hope to see as many of you that we can on our last stretch!


David Bowie Dedication

The underlying subject of mortality (my own, as well as loved ones) often eventually finds it's way into my writing/compositions. It's an almost subliminal recurring thread that somehow weaves it's own way in.

Perhaps it stems from losing a mother at a young age. Perhaps not.

If only artistically, it has always seemed to me, an admirable, if not enviable concept, to "bookend" ones own life, career and legacy.

I am still digesting the recent passing/transition of David Bowie and it seems as if, artistically, he has done just that.


I may not have understood every musical direction that he took but, I instinctively knew it was good, original and challenging…if not provocative.

For the most part, I was comforted that he, as an artist, was ever showing endless open minded ways in which to view the well as all of us little creatures that inhabit. Tolerance. This, to me, was his genius.

Today, I feel it fitting to dedicate one my own creations to you David Bowie.

As ever, born to wander, Cradle 2 Grave, may you rest in peace…..although I suspect that you probably won't.

Jeffrey Hanaford

To see our Cradle 2 Grave video CLICK HERE!!!!



Martini Hill Recording Studio and owners Jeffrey & Susan Hanaford are thrilled to announce that they have just been featured in the newly released book "The Green Musician's Guide" by well known author Jeff Touzeau!!!! It is a very comprehensive and informative guide to living and working in a environmentally conscious way for recording studios and musicians alike. This book embodies everything that we believe in and cherish about sustainable living in an already fragile environment. We truly hope that everyone and musicians and artists especially, rally around such an important cause!

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South Florida Rocks!! Quite a thrill to be flying from Michigan to Florida and back in a six seater at 20,000 feet!!!!!

A big thank you and shout out to the Hensels for hosting us in Marco Island and everyone there!! A great show and time was had by all!! Congrat's to Laurel and Ben!! We had such a blast hanging with long time and new friends alike! Thanx to Steve & Lisa, Jodi & Randy, Steve, Steve & Sue, Kevin & Liz, Chuck (our new and improved friend) and Kelly, Dava & Dave, Emily, Alisha, & Aunt Bev!! Sweet people!

Also, another BIG shout out and thank you to our old friends and following in Islamorada!! Soooo cool to hang out at our old stomping grounds and see everyone at Island Grill, The Oceanview and Rum Runners!! Great to meet Jean!! Ronaford Rocks!!! Sooo good to see Dad!!

Jeff & Sue

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Busy working on some really cool projects with JTX and Actor/Comedian Jay Thomas. For Jay Thomas click here! For JTX click here! They have a very cool story!

Hey! Our good friend JT Harding (Larry and Kendra's son) is doing really well with his new album "From Detroit With Love" and has some very cool appearances in the NY Post, People Magazine, The Insider, ABC News, The Morning Show, The Today Show, VH1 and Dr. Phil! Check him out at: click here!

To learn more about the alternative energy used to power Jeff and Sue's home and studio, check out the "Bio" page!

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HEY! Our good friends, filmakers John Versical and Bryan Carmody of Screen Door Films have just released their new film "The Swing" It was shot entirely in the deep woods surrounding our Martini Hill Recording Studio. We were also credited for our technical contributions during the shoot! This awesome film was shot in HD! Great job guys! You can purchase a dvd copy of "The Swing" at To link to Screen Door Films, please click here! Please tell them that Jeff and Sue sent you! To link to our Martini Hill Recording Studio, please click here!