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David Bowie Dedication

The underlying subject of mortality (my own, as well as loved ones) often eventually finds it's way into my writing/compositions. It's an almost subliminal recurring thread that somehow weaves it's own way in.

Perhaps it stems from losing a mother at a young age. Perhaps not.

If only artistically, it has always seemed to me, an admirable, if not enviable concept, to "bookend" ones own life, career and legacy.

I am still digesting the recent passing/transition of David Bowie and it seems as if, artistically, he has done just that.


I may not have understood every musical direction that he took but, I instinctively knew it was good, original and challenging…if not provocative.

For the most part, I was comforted that he, as an artist, was ever showing endless open minded ways in which to view the well as all of us little creatures that inhabit. Tolerance. This, to me, was his genius.

Today, I feel it fitting to dedicate one my own creations to you David Bowie.

As ever, born to wander, Cradle 2 Grave, may you rest in peace…..although I suspect that you probably won't.

Jeffrey Hanaford

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South Florida Rocks!! Quite a thrill to be flying from Michigan to Florida and back in a six seater at 20,000 feet!!!!!

A big thank you and shout out to the Hensels for hosting us in Marco Island and everyone there!! A great show and time was had by all!! Congrat's to Laurel and Ben!! We had such a blast hanging with long time and new friends alike! Thanx to Steve & Lisa, Jodi & Randy, Steve, Steve & Sue, Kevin & Liz, Chuck (our new and improved friend) and Kelly, Dava & Dave, Emily, Alisha, & Aunt Bev!! Sweet people!

Also, another BIG shout out and thank you to our old friends and following in Islamorada!! Soooo cool to hang out at our old stomping grounds and see everyone at Island Grill, The Oceanview and Rum Runners!! Great to meet Jean!! Ronaford Rocks!!! Sooo good to see Dad!!

Jeff & Sue

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